Steve Rothman’s father, Philip Rothman, c. 1984

Philip Rothman, c. 1984


Philip Rothman

Steve Rothman describes his father Philip as his greatest teacher.

A philanthropist and mentor to many, Philip Rothman was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Polish immigrant parents. Although his formal education did not go beyond high school, Philip Rothman became a highly successful industrial builder.

As a child, he experienced hatred and violence in his neighborhood in Astoria, New York, where Nazi Bund rallies were often held, having to fight his way to and from school.

With an incorruptible moral code, Philip Rothman valued family, hard work and integrity. He practiced his Judaism in his commitment to ethical action and championing the little guy. His life’s credo was “Justice for Everyone.”

(Click on this link for Congressman Steve Rothman’s November 12, 2012, Eulogy of his Father & Mentor, Philip Rothman) 


Richard Sheffield

A political and civil rights activist in the Teaneck, New Jersey area, Richard (Dick) Sheffield was a United Auto Workers union leader in the Ford Plant in Mahwah, New Jersey, as well as Special Adviser to U.S. Senator Bill Bradley and New Jersey State Senate President Matthew Feldman.

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Steve Rothman with mentor Richard Sheffield, c. 1985

Steve Rothman with mentor Richard Sheffield, c. 1985

Jack Drakeford and Steve Rothman, 2001

Rothman Mentor, Jack C. Drakeford, and Steve Rothman, 2001.


Jack Drakeford

Jack Drakeford held a variety of positions in Englewood, New Jersey, from firefighter to city council president, city clerk, city labor negotiator, city manager, and school board president.

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