Rothman Eulogies for His Mentors; Additional Rothman Written Works

Eulogy of Philip Rothman

My Father, Philip Rothman, was a serious man. While he could become interested in irony, and brought to smile by exaggeration, for him, his life was serious—and intensely focused: On taking care of himself and us, supporting the Jewish People, and his country. He rooted for every man, woman and child on earth, of every background, who was working hard, trying to improve his/her life or anyone who was an innocent victim. Philip Rothman was my role model in so many areas. He was my backstop, my rock, the foundation upon which I built my own character, ethics and morality. I will miss him always, but I have the good fortune to know that he loved me deeply and that he knew that I loved and adored him deeply.

Eulogy of Richard Sheffield

“When I was 24, I met Richard Sheffield. One of eleven children, he was born and raised in Newark. Sheffield appeared to me (and to most people who met him) to resemble National Football League legend Jim Brown, and Hollywood icon, Cary Grant. I soon realized that Sheffield possessed the hard-won wisdom of the legendary Chinese war strategist Sun Tzu and the knowledge of the great Italian political strategist, Niccollo Machiavelli. Within months of meeting him, Sheffield (a father of 3 daughters) would tell the entire world, including all my family, his family, friends and strangers that I was his “son.” He became my second father and I became his son.

Eulogy for The Hon. Jack Drakeford

I first got to know Jack Drakeford as the young man that his best friend Richard Sheffield called his son; then as Jack’s student; then as his colleague at the top of Englewood’s government; then as a dear and devoted friend; and for the last 20 years of his life, as Jack’s younger brother whom he loved and who loved him dearly.

Newsletter From Congressman Rothman to His Constituents about his continuing efforts in the Hackensack Meadowlands

Dear Friend, Something big is about to happen, and it is about to happen in a place where many least expect at. Within the next ten years, I predict that the Hackensack Meadowlands (on land outside of the Arena/Giants Stadium property) will go from being written off as a swampy wasteland and garbage dump site to a nationally and even internationally renowned environmental park.

Englewood Progress: 1983-1988
Englewood Progress: 1983-1988 A report by Mayor Steven R. Rothman Englewood pleased city no longer has highest tax rate. (The Record) City bond rating rises (Suburbanite) Both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s found that Englewood’s credit worthiness and financial stability are better than when the city was last rated in 1982. (Suburbanite) Englewood’s finally a hot place to build. (New…
Englewood Progress, 1983-1988

Quality of Life by Mayor Steven R. Rothman, January 1988.

Englewood Progress, 1983-1988

A Final Report by Mayor Steven R. Rothman, January 1988.